MN-CAR Program FAQ

Q: Who is managing the MN-CAR program?
A: The ARM Board of Directors retained David Kendziorski of Stormtech to serve as the MN-CAR Program Manager. Dave will prepare the MN-CAR Guidance Manual, provide training, conduct the audits, and prepare annual reports for the program. Dave manages similar certification programs for automotive recyclers in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and California. Dave also prepared the Guidance Manual for ARA's CAR program.

Q: What is the cost of the MN-CAR program?
A: The MN-CAR fee is $350 per participating member per year.

Q: Who can participate in MN-CAR?
A: Any ARM full member (recycler) is eligible, although the member must agree to meet the standards.

Q: What if I am already CAR certified by ARA?
A: If you are enrolled in the MN-CAR program, you will no longer be required to be audited under the ARA program. MN-CAR certified facilities that are ARA members will be considered CAR certified by ARA. You will be charged a $50 fee (in addition to the $350 paid to MN-CAR) by ARA for the ARA CAR certification. In most cases, depending upon what you currently pay for an audit, you will find that the resulting cost for MN-CAR certification and ARA CAR certification will be approximately equal to what you previously paid for ARA CAR certification alone.

Q: How can I sign up?
A: Simply fill out the application form (see link at the bottom of this page) and remit to the ARM office, along with your $350 certification fee.

Q: Who can I contact with questions?
A: Contact Kelly Salseg, ARM Executive Director (612-781-5555); Dave Kendziorski, MN-CAR Program Manager (414-943-1733 or